Coastal Living Costs are INSANE

September 18, 2019

The cost of living on the East and West Coast is absolutely INSANE.

$4,500+ a month for a 1 bedroom "cozy" apartment? Crazy.

I recently saw a CNN article about a man who commutes 4 hours and 140 miles every day to avoid paying for rent in San Francisco. The situation in San Francisco has even been deemed a human rights violation by the United Nations.

There is so much tech talent out there - some with long commutes, some living in tents and some living with 5 roommates.

Meanwhile, the Middle of the country is becoming an incubator for startups and tech companies - whose employees can afford a home, raise a family and enjoy a low cost of living.

A 4 hour commute given a five-day workweek is about 43 full days on the road per year.

43 days!!!

Imagine having an extra 43 days put into your year.

What would you do with all that time?

West Coasters - if you’re ready to create a more sustainable life, contact me anytime.

Midwesterners - if you ever gave thought about moving out West to join the tech boom, think again.