Cut the Office Politics

July 8, 2019

It is amazing to me how many stories my recruiting team and I hear about politics and bulls*** in the workplace.

Office politics are somehow still raging in many businesses and startups, causing their downfall from the inside out.

Destroying company cultures.

In this market, it’s HARD to hire good employees, especially software developers.

Once you get them, you definitely don’t want them to leave… especially because you have a poor culture.

You always hear about the company with the foosball table and snacks and every other Friday off in the summer.

Well, guess what? None of that matters if you have crappy people acting crappy in your business.

You have a people problem if you have: people who struggle to work well with others, that take credit for someone else’s work, talk down to other team members, have trouble taking feedback, have trouble giving feedback, speak over others in meetings, make decisions without consulting others, etc.

If you have a people problem that is turning into office politics, it’s time to put an end to it as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, you’ll lose your top performers and it won’t be long until word spreads across the market.