Finding Talent In A Tight Market

September 1, 2019

Right now in the tech world, so many companies are chasing after the most talented software engineers.

The ones with the outstanding technical abilities; that look like superstars on paper.

But I have to say - hiring to your culture and your core values is way more important than looking at the companies someone worked at or the school they went to.  

First, personalities need to mesh to make a great team environment.

Beyond that, a candidate with a great attitude and good technical abilities can likely learn any new language or technology with the right resources.

A candidate with a negative attitude… will likely always have a poor attitude.

And that can bring down the whole team, sour the culture and even affect productivity.

Throughout your hiring process, look for the person who is excited, wants to learn and can have a great conversation with anyone on the team.

Because that is the player who can win for your team.