Is Your Company Culture Deterring Women?

June 28, 2019

If the women on your tech team aren’t advancing as quickly as the men, take a good look around.

It’s probably not an issue with her talent, but your company culture.

Being a woman in tech – often the only women in the room or even at the company – can be isolating.

Women should be treated like the men on the team. Respectfully. Honestly. Equally.

If you notice your women workers falling behind, not getting the same raises or promotions, ask yourself if she’s being treated equally to the males on the team.

Is she invited to the same number of meetings as a man in her role would be?

Asked for her opinion as often?

Is she getting as many opportunities as the men when it comes to assigning new projects?

Is she being mentored as much as the junior men?

If you are failing to keep your women moving up at the pace of the men, or even getting women in the door, take a hard look at the culture you’ve created.

Could you be unconsciously raising up your male workforce while letting their female counterparts fall by the wayside?