New Head of Business Development & Partnerships At IPS

June 17, 2019

We are very excited to announce that Christopher Ritchie is joining IPS as our Head of Business Development & Partnerships!

Chris is a kind, humble and passionate soul who strongly shares the same values IPS cares about. He brings unique startup, sales, leadership, and hyper-growth company experience to our IPS team and I couldn’t be happier to welcome Chris to our family.

Prior to joining IPS, Chris had an incredible run at one of Ohio's fastest growing startups, Olive.

Chris served in various finance, operations and sales roles during his tenure at Olive. Most recently, Chris led sales in a player/coach role at Olive achieving record team quarters in 2018 while also winning Salesperson of the year.

Chris will leverage his experience helping Olive grow from 40 to over 150 employees to guide other startups how to scale through talent.

Welcome aboard!