Hiring Junior Software Engineers

May 6, 2019

Every startup and tech company I’m talking to is hiring at least one senior software engineers ASAP.

This trend is going to continue as everyone grabs from the same limited pool of talent.

Chasing the same senior talent as everyone else isn’t sustainable.

We’ve got to focus more on training, onboarding and mentoring new talent – not to mention, internal promotions and retention.

Find fresh and eager talent and take them under your wing.

There are times when hiring an experienced senior software engineer IS what your team needs.

But just as often, you can use a junior developer’s lack of job experience to mold them into exactly what you need for your company.

Use the money you saved on the new hire to give them additional training.

Let them bring new ideas to the table, and don’t be afraid of breaking the mold.

Investment in your junior staff will grow them into the talented developers you need!