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Talent strategy consulting

After companies raise money, your next biggest problem becomes hiring.

It turns out it’s both really hard and really important to hire great people; in fact, it’s probably the most important thing a founder does.

The quality of the first ten hires you make are going to set the tone for the next hundred. If you hire B players, they will tend to hire C players to look good, but if you hire A players they will insist on only working with other A Players.

Getting this right early is extremely important as at some point you won’t be involved in all hiring, but reliant upon your team to set the bar appropriately for new team members.

Integrity offers a workshop to technology companies on how to hire elite talent:
Where and how to source candidates?
Define your messaging to candidates and your sales pitch
What technologies are best to source candidates?
Build a best-in-class template job description and an interview process. Understanding steps, timelines, team, and responsibilities
How to leverage your website as a billboard and recommend best-in-class benefits to offer your employees?
What are the best startup employees generally motivated by?
Remote trends versus building your team in person  
Compensation benchmarking recommendations
Tips for closing candidates and post-offer acceptance

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