Here's what our clients and partners are saying about IPS

We trust IPS to deliver on searches across various functions, levels, and sectors. Our portfolio founders consistently have positive feedback on their results. They make working together easy!

Atli Thorkelsson
VP of Talent at Redpoint Ventures

The team at IPS is an absolute pleasure to work with. Aside from being super organized and efficient, they have a special talent for listening and understanding the specific needs of our roles and finding us the best candidates. We are impressed and appreciative of our relationship with IPS.

Marcy Tatelbaum
Head of HR at Triple Whale

IPS has really invested in understanding our values and culture, matching us with the right talent in the market when we needed them most. Overall, it's been a great experience working with them to help staff our strong engineering team.

Jay Riggins
VP of Engineering at Dina

Kaleb knows tech and he gets startups. We, and many of our portfolio founders, product and engineering teams, trust him to get the job done.

Lindsay Knight
Partner at Chicago Ventures

IPS has been a great partner. They really understand our stage (Series A) and got up to speed quickly on the nuances of our business. The operational background of some of their team members adds a lot of value as IPS doesn't just fill an order, but really advise and help mold what we are looking for.

Megan Harris
CEO at Empora Title

We've really enjoyed working with IPS. What stands out most is how responsive their team is — their organization and timeliness on follow up ensures that nothing falls through the cracks during what can be a hectic recruiting processes.

Peter Truog
Co Founder at Presta

Technical recruiting has changed quite a bit over the years requiring much more outreach. The IPS team has figured this out and materially improved our ability to hunt and attract top talent.

Matt Longhouse
Chief Technology Officer at AssetWatch

Working with IPS is a white-glove experience! Their team provided detailed feedback and support in each step of the hiring process and led us to the exact hire we needed. I'm looking forward to working with them again on our next need.

Gerry Andrady
CEO at Hatch

The team at IPS is great to work with and incredibly efficient! They were able to help us staff our team of 16 in a matter of months with super strong talent. The most impressive part is how well they got to know our ideal candidates and how well they screen. More or less everyone they sent over to us made it past the hiring manager screen. This saved us hours of screens, daily, relative to other recruiting teams/platforms that push through people that simply aren't a fit. Top notch team that's focused on what the hiring team needs and not on pushing candidates!

Victor Abecassis
Head of Product Engineering at Hang

I used IPS for several key hires while getting our engineering team spun up here at Heartex. I greatly appreciated their collaborative and hands on approach to finding us the best talent out there. IPS differs from other staffing firms, in that they are incredibly collaborative and welcome consistent feedback to calibrate and improve the search along the way. I also found them very informed around the roles we had them working on. I would highly recommend them to anyone who may be hiring for engineering or product management.

Brandi Bergstrom
Head of Talent at Human Signal

By getting up to speed on our business quickly, the IPS team exponentially increased the number of high-quality candidates in our pipeline. Allowing us to do the one thing that is essential in a start-up. Move fast.

Alex Smith
CEO at APFusion

In the beginning, I didn’t have much confidence in IPS. I thought they were just another headhunting firm. After the 5+ hires in less than 6 months they have helped with, I stand corrected. Every candidate that IPS brings to me is hirable. And the ones we have hired are the best of the best. I know now why our CTO believed in them. Their formula for getting candidates is amazing.

Aaron Wolfe
Engineering Manager at AssetWatch

IPS makes you feel like you are their only client. They put a team behind you to find the best candidate for your role(s) and guide you through the competitive landscape of hiring. We've really enjoyed working with IPS and have hired many of our key hires thanks to their team.

Madeleine Fassett
Head of People Operations at MVMNT

As a company entering our growth stage in emergent technology, we had very unique hiring requirements. The IPS team was able to quickly intuit our needs and deliver very thoughtful, high-value results. We also loved working with them. It felt very personal and friendly and not purely transactional.

Aaron Wisniewski
CEO & Founder at OVR Technology

IPS helped me hire two key positions, a Chief Software Architect and Director of Sales, and in both cases presented a super qualified short list of candidates that were clearly not recycled resumes. We made two great hires that were not shopping for jobs and would not have found us without IPS presenting our opportunity.

Peter Falzon
CEO at Ripple Science

IPS has been a tremendous partner for growing the Quipli team. We were stuck in the mud trying to fill key GTM roles, and IPS stepped in to save the day — not just once, but twice in three months. Upon engaging IPS, we successfully filled these open roles in a matter of days & weeks, rather than the months we were looking for on our own. They are a great team to work with and make the job search process fun for both us and our new hires!

Kyle Clements
CEO at Quipli

At Plymouth Growth, our Platform offering is a differentiator to our portfolio companies. The team at Integrity Power Search has served as a critical part of that Platform offering, by bringing business-changing executives who drive growth, execution, and value creation to our companies.

Alison Todak
Director of Platform at Plymouth Growth Partners